About Mpro Group

Mpro Group is a privately held building construction company based in Gauteng.

We are a multi-faceted enterprise that specialises in architectural designs, building projects. 

Our professional team are diverse in all areas, to provide a higher level of excellence aimed at meeting each individual client’s needs on a personal and professional level. Our team comprises of project manages, architects, engineers. 

With in the website you will find the various projects we are currently working and a few that have been completed. 

We are recognized as one of the leaders in the construction industry. In these 8 years Mpro Group has been exposed to various clientele and strives to undertake both public and private projects. Our building types include Residential, Institutional and Commercial Buildings. We offer full turnkey solutions from inception to final project hand over.

Our Services

  • Architectural designs, detailing, drawing and certification.
  • Development Facilitation and Negotiation.
  • Property Management: Manage Sub-contractors, Budgets, Quantities etc.

contact us

Office contact details

Tel: (081) 217 0283 Email: info@mpro-goup.co.za

tapiwa mutanda

Cell: (078) 744 5979 Email: tapiwa@mpro-group.co.za

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